When Dorothy found herself in the land of Oz, she wanted to go home. As wondrous and magical as Oz was, Kansas was Dorothy’s home. The whole movie is about getting Dorothy back to Kansas. There are some parallels we can draw there between her journey home and our own journeys.

We’re all trying to go somewhere, really. Whether it’s some place physical, or towards a state of mind, body, and soul, we’re all on a journey.

I happen to work with young people. You know, the adolescent type and the young adult type. I’m not so far removed from that demographic myself, actually. I’ve been doing this kind of ministry/work for about 15 years. I’ve got opinions, that’s for sure. But that’s not really what this is about. I’ve got stories, my friends in ministry have stories, the families I work with have stories – this is about sharing our stories as we journey.

What is Kansas? Why are we trying to find it? I believe God has an identity – a home – for all of us. Life is about trying to get there. So here are some of my stories about how I am trying to walk alongside others as we find our Kansas together.


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