Who’s got the time? (an exercise in futility)

Everyone’s busy.

Like, really, really busy.

When I was growing up I don’t remember being so busy. I remember adults having fuller schedules than the kids. That trend seems to have reversed. Today, kids are the busiest of all.

I have students who play sports – multiple – year-round. Every sport is a year-round activity these days. What happened to the 3-month season? In the off-season kids are expected not just to stay in shape (a great idea) but to participate in team lifting or workouts multiple times a week. Are coaches aware they’re not dealing with professional athletes, that they’re JUST COACHING PEE-WEE FOOTBALL?

And these kids are working, too. They’ve got part-time jobs. They babysit.

They go to school, a full-time job even without the homework.

They have friends, they have family, they have things they enjoy doing that are important to them.

And many of them even manage to participate in worship from time to time – which is a miracle given the fact they have more activities than hours in a day.

But when it comes to other faith-forming activities, like small groups, that’s harder to fit in. It was a given that we students would be involved in small groups and Bible studies when we were in youth group because, well, we didn’t have a whole lot going on. Not the case anymore. It’s not on the radar.

I’m all about faith-formation happening at home and in the family. Big fan. But I’m also a believer in being able to connect with other people who are not related to you. Peers and caring adults are important in our faith journey, too. I miss that.

Who has the time?


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